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Green, Clean Travel Source: Stock image of e-Bike commuter Avoiding Crowds on Mass Transit Most of the world's electric vehicles have two or three wheels - not four!  More than 180 million electric bikes and electric trikes are in use globally.  Bloomberg NEF forecasts that the number will escalate to 600 million by 2040.  By far, China accounts for most of the e-bikes and e-trikes.  But sales are also rapidly rising in Europe, the US, India, Taiwan and Vietnam.  The number of electric cars won't come close to 600 million any time soon. Changes to Global Transportation Through Pedal Power The e-bikes and e-trikes are driving major changes in global transportation.  They are responsible for more avoided oil consumption than any other transportation vehicle category.  e-bike technology is hitting stride as the bikes become lighter and faster. Pedal assisted models can reach speeds up to 30 mph, helping people to commute, avoid public transportation and get e