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Big Online Ed Opportunities for Students

   Some Discounting for Online MBA Degrees Starting                            Source:  Stock Images of Digital Education Age of Digital Learning In the United States, the latest data shows that 5.5 million college students or 26% of the college student population are enrolled in online courses.  That number is dramatically escalating because of the tsunami of COVID, Delta and Omnicron cases flooding across the US and the world.  Top universities like Cornell are going remote and online once again.  Several new and important trends are beginning to surface about digital college learning and degrees. Megatrends First of all, a new study, that includes CEO surveys, by Northeastern University professor Sean Gallagher finds that CEOs are more receptive to hiring job candidates who have online degrees.  Because of the pandemic, which is now into its third year, online education has become much more of a norm.  It's considered as an effective, safer and acceptable route to a degree as op