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Japan's Flammable Ice - New Energy

Methane Hydrate in Ocean Floor Source:   US Dept. of Energy - Methane Hydrate Fuel  Ice Energy Innovation from Flammable Ice Japan has extracted an untapped fuel from the ocean floor.  It's methane hydrate.  It's called flammable ice.  Methane trapped in ice is buried in the waters around Japan.  In some cases, what looks like dirty ice leaks to the surface.  If you strike a match to it, it ignites.  It exists in many places including Alaska. Fiery Ice Big global research organizations, Japanese and global companies are racing to tap into this huge source of new energy - methane seabed ice for fuel.   They hope to start extracting it as a new energy source by the end of the next decade of 2020.  US and Japanese researchers are just starting new research on this. Big Challenge The challenge is to extract it from the seabed.  The methane incased in ice is so sensitive and delicate, it can't be dug and hauled up.  It breaks apart.  That's the challenge for in

"Green" Plastics - Green Production

CO² into Plastic with No Greenhouse Gas Emissions Source:  Stock Image - Green Plastic University of Toronto Green Research University of Toronto scientists have created a copper catalyst that converts CO² into ethylene to produce plastic.  There are no greenhouse gases, such as methane, output and emissions.  This new technique could lead to the green production of commonly used plastics along with sequestering greenhouse gas through carbon capture technology. How It Works - The "Magic Metal" At the heart of the process is the CO² reduction reaction.  An electrical current converts CO² into other chemicals.  The chemical reaction is triggered by a catalyst composed of copper. Copper is the key to this.  Scientists call it the "magic metal".  Only copper can produce ethylene which is used to produce the most common form of plastic - polyethylene plastic. "Green" Plastic Future This is a promising, new, green and sustainable way to make plastic.