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JackRabbit - New, Micro Electric Bike

  This New e-Bike Could Revolutionize City Commuting                                                       Source:  JackRabbit New, Green Travel Innovation San Diego, CA based mobility company JackRabbit has created a unique micro electric bike called Jack Rabbit.  The bike does not have traditional pedals so it's a cross between a bike and a scooter.  Jack Rabbit is for urban commuters. It is very lightweight and folds into a small shape for storage.  There is a 300 W geared motor in the bike's rear tire and a 158 Wh removable battery on top of the frame.  With the push of the throttle on the handlebars, it can speed up to 20 mph.  The range on a charge is 12 miles.  It's the invention of University of California at San Diego coach Tom Piszkin to enable better e-bike commuting and e-bike ownership for university students and city commuters. Lightweight and Foldable Piszkin is the co-founder of JackRabbit.  He designed the e-bike to be lightweight at 24 pounds.  And, incred