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Russia at Mach 12

Weapons at Hypersonic Speeds Source:  Russia Hypersonic Missile Test From Supersonic to Hypersonic Arms Race Russia is on a mission to bring the development of supersonic cruise missiles to the hypersonic level. Hypersonic flight starts at five times the speed of sound or one mile per second.  The news comes  from CEO Alexander Leonovo of Russian weapons manufacturer Tactical Missiles Corporation.  He's developing the Onyx supersonic anti-ship missile that can be fired from subs and frigates. The Onyx travels at 2&1/2 times the speed of sound with a 400 mile range.  Leonovo says his focus for Russian defense is to bring missile speeds to hypersonic and increase their operational range. Incredible Speeds Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited a flight test center to inspect a MIG 31 jet fighter armed with the hypersonic Kinzhai dagger missile. The missile is capable of carrying nuclear weapons.  The missile can travel at Mach 10 for 1200 miles.  It can ev