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24/7 Wearable Heart Monitor

Mobile Heart Telemetry Rhythm Express RX-1 The Rhythm Express RX-1 is an advanced, remote cardiac monitoring system invented by VivaQuant of Minneapolis. It has just been cleared for use by the FDA. The wearable, wireless heart monitor provides heart patients continuous coverage and gives them more freedom.  It monitors a patient's arrhythmia with its artificial intelligence and patented wavelet-based analytics, 24/7 at home, work, wherever they are. Mobile Cardiac Telemetry The one piece device also functions as a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry unit, wirelessly transmitting the readings for remote analysis by medical staff, allowing the patient to be monitored and diagnosed no matter where they are.  The inventor, Dr. Marina Brockway says it provides faster, higher quality diagnosis at a lower cost. It works continuously for two weeks without a recharge.