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VW's Mobile Robot EV Charger

Self-Driving, Robotic Charging Station Comes to Your Parked EV Source:  VW Parking Space = Charging Point Volkswagen has come up with a great piece of new innovation:  an autonomous robot charging station for electric vehicles.  Their self-driving, 100% autonomous robot has the potential to turn every parking space into a charging station.  VW says the robot brings the charging station infrastructure to the car and not the other way around.  It can turn any parking facility into an electric charging facility.  And, VW says it can make this concept a reality very quickly for widespread use. VW's Mobiler Lauderoboter The small VW robot is 100% autonomous from self-driving to doing everything needed to recharge the electric vehicle.  When your EV needs a charge, you open a VW app and call the mobile charging station robot to your location.  The robot, known in German as Mobiler Laderoboter, hauls an energy storage device to your vehicle, opens the charging flip, connects

Mobile Charging Vehicle for E-Cars

Volkswagen Innovation The Electric Charger Comes to You For electric car enthusiasts, this mobile charging machine is a gamechanger.  VW is working on bringing the charging station to you and your car. VW's Mobile Electric Charger System VW has introduced a mobile charging station that can be delivered to you wherever you are. The time to charge is 17 minutes and 15 cars can be charged at one station.  It is a real enabler for electric cars. It's innovation technology that is green and on the move.  This could be particularly effective for people who live in urban areas, park on the street and don't have access to a garage to charge their vehicle.