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Ocean Monitoring by Jellyfish

US Scientists Enable Jellyfish to Swim 3-times Faster Source:  Caltech New Invention with Big Potential to Monitor Health of Oceans Scientists at Stanford University and Caltech have created a pacemaker-like device that enables natural jellyfish to swim three times their normal speed.  The microelectronic, pulsing, tiny, prosthetic device generates electric jolts that make the fish triple their speed while using just twice as much energy.  The scientists and engineers involved in the project says the device causes no additional stress to the sea creatures.  They say the potential for this system is as vast as the ocean itself. Network of Live Ocean Monitors The scientific team says the combination of speed and energy efficiency from this device opens the possibility of using jellyfish to gather data from across the world's oceans. They envision equipping the jellyfish with sensors to track ocean temperatures, salinity and oxygen levels.  They say this could

Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health

Tattoo Health Technology Source:  Technical University of Munich Tattoo Dermal Sensors that Monitor Health Scientists at Germany's Technical University of Munich have invented a tattoo with specially designed ink that monitors the bloodstream for specific conditions such as rising or dropping glucose levels in a diabetic.  The tattoos change color if there is a changing level of specific metabolic substances.  For a news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health : Dermal Sensors Source:  German's Technical University of Munich Tattoo Health Technology Dermal sensors, that are essentially per...

Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health

New Car Biometrics:  Your Heart EKG and Eyes ID Monitors Faurecia's Smart Car Console  Your New ID to Drive Keyless and Safely Monitor Your Health While Driving The functionality of this new tech is big for your safety behind the wheel.  It's technology starting in the car's steering wheel that identifies you as the driver to start the car without a key and then can monitor the state of your heath behind the wheel, also your passengers.  This is great evolving innovation that will first be deployed in cars.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health : Very Smart Cars -  Future Biometrics in Cars Source:  Faurecia's Smart Console to Monitor Heart & Breathing Rates Your Ca...

Medical Innovation - Ingestible Electronic Pill

Wireless, Ingestible E-Pill Controlled by Smart Phone Source:  MIT Electronic Capsule Delivers Drug Therapies and Monitors Body Environment with Sensors MIT researchers, along with scientists from Brigham & Women's Hospital and Draper Labs, have just invented an ingestible, wireless electronic pill that's controlled by smart phone.  This breakthrough device can deliver drug therapies, monitor body conditions and provide the information to both patient and doctors on their smart phones.  Journalist Ed Kane has just posted a fascinating blog on this breakthrough innovation