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Smart Wearable Device for Dogs

Tracks Your Pet's Location and Their Health Source:  Whistle Whistle Wearables These new gadgets, The Whistle Go and Whistle Explore, help you keep track of your pet's health and location simultaneously.  The device provides location alerts, real time tracking, fitness features, escape alerts from their space and health monitoring.  The battery lasts ten days and the device is waterproof.  It may be Fido's new best friend for protection. GPS Tracking These devices have real-time GPS tracking.  The Whistle Explore is designed for athletic, outdoor dogs that run longer distances in rural locations and rugged environments. Whistle Go Whistle Go is designed for more typical dogs that stay closer to home.  It has GPS but it also monitors your dog's behavior like scratching and sleeping.  It also has an updated app system including weekly heat maps, the dog's daily trips and the progress that your pet is making toward health goals.  It's a new digital wa