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Prince William Tackles Climate Change 2020's

2020's:  Royal Decade to Repair CC thru Innovative Remedies Source:  Kensington Palace Earthshot: Multi-Million Pounds Challenge for Remedies Prince William is launching what's being called the most prestigious environmental program in history.  It's called Earthshot and it runs for the 2020's decade.  The purpose is to focus and reward doable remedies to address Climate Change.  Prince William is putting significant money, what Kensington Palace is calling "multi-million pounds" behind the Earthshot Prize Challenge. Awarding Climate Change Innovation Prince William's Earthshot program is betting on human innovation to turnaround the massive environmental damage that Climate Change has caused globally to the planet.  Starting in 2021, 5 CC remedies will win substantial monetary prizes.  The Prince hopes that by 2030 those yearly five prizes will yield 50 new Climate Change solutions. Moonshots The Prince likens his program to other historic