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Bio-inspired Innovation - Oyster Inspired Glass - 3X Stronger

 . Mother of Pearl Innovation Source:  McGill University New Tough Glass from Oyster Shell Mother of Pearl Structure  McGill University Inventors This is new innovation, a shatterproof glass inspired by oyster shells.  It's three times stronger than current glass options available.  This is bioinspired glass invented by scientists at McGill University in Canada, based on the beautiful Mother of Pearl inside of an oyster shell. Mother of Pearl Tough Glass The McGill scientists took the microstructures of the Mother of Pearl structure inside oyster shells and replicated it.  The blocks inside the microstructure slide apart on impact.  This new glass bends under pressure and doesn't shatter. It breaks into bigger parts.  The McGill team composed the new substance using borosilicate glass and laminated it. It's a new invention that works three times better than available glass.  Once again, innovation inspired by nature. ..