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NASA Working with Actor Tom Cruise Source:  NASA view from ISS International Space Station & a Big Star This is innovative film making at its best.  NASA is working with actor Tom Cruise to shoot a movie in space.  Specifically, NASA has just disclosed that it will fly Tom Cruise to the International Space Station (ISS). Cruise will stay aboard and shoot a movie there.  And NASA Director Jim Bridenstine says this isn't science fiction.  It's going to happen! Apparently, Tom Cruise is about to become an astronaut. ISS The ISS is a multibillion science lab that orbits 250 miles above the Earth.  Rotating crews of astronauts have been onboard since 2000.  The US and Russia are the primary operators.  According to Director Bridenstine,  NASA's top priority is to find new forms of life in space.  He is putting billions of dollars of new technology, missions and telescopes behind the effort in the 2020's.  It will be interesting to see if the Cruise movie plays into the U

Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD

First HD Movie of Molecular Activity Source:  DOE - Molecules Reacting to Light US Dept. of Energy High Speed Electron Camera Breakthrough The US Department of Energy/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has created the world's 1st HD movie of molecules reacting to exposure to light.  They used a powerful, high speed electron camera.  The scientists say this technology will deepen their understanding of the fundamental chemical reactions that are the foundations of life.  For a great news blog on this by journalist Ed Kane, go to Important Innovations Collection: 1st Molecular Movie in HD : High Speed Electron Cameras Source:  DOE US Department of Energy's Breakthrough For the first time, researchers at the US Depar…                                                 The findings were just reported in the journal Nature Chemistry  Nature Chemistry, 2019; DOI: 10.1038/s41557-019-0252-7