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E-Scooter Called World's Smartest Scooter

  Unagi's Model 11 Is Smart, Electric Micro Mobility                                             Source:  Unagi Model 11 Camera Based Driver Assistance, Obstacle Avoidance & More Unagi of Oakland, CA has unveiled its new electric scooter Model 11, which is being called the smartest scooter in the world.  It is electric, loaded with artificial intelligence, plays music via Bluetooth, connects to the Google Maps Navigation System and avoids obstacles and potholes.  It is also extremely lightweight as it is largely composed of a very lightweight material called long carbon fiber, which is typically used in aerospace applications  The company says it is the lightest, full suspension electric scooter on the global market.  It is also at the head of the class for smart technologies. Incredibly Smart Technology Model 11 is the world's first, 2 wheel device to have "Collision Protect AI".  The integrated advanced driver-assistance system detects objects in the driver'