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SpotMini Robot Can Dance

Boston Dynamics "I've Got Talent" Robot SpotMini Dancing Source:  Boston Dynamics' Spot MIni Making Musician Bruno Mars Proud SpotMini the robot not only wows when it opens doors.  It wows dancing to Bruno Mars' 2014 hit song Uptown Funk.  SpotMini even does a moonwalk.  It's brilliant robotics and the stuff superstars are made of. Uptown Spot The video is called Uptown Spot. I've embedded it for you to see.   If you have a minute to see Spot dance, you'll be delighted and mesmerized.  Boston Dynamics hasn't disclosed how they achieved the robot's natural movements and tremendous agility. Spot Goes on Sale in 2019 SpotMini goes to market and up for sale to customers in 2019.  Boston Dynamics was recently purchased from Google by SoftBank.  This is the first time in Boston Dynamics' 26 year history that it's offered a robot for purchase. They say SpotMini is f