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Amazing Discovery - Nature Buries CO2 Underwater

Underwater Canyon off Irish Coast Pulls CO² from Air Porcupine Bank Canyon  What a discovery!  A research expedition of scientists from University College Cork to a huge underwater canyon off the Irish coast discovered a hidden natural process that pulls greenhouse gas carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Mission to Map Underwater Porcupine Canyon They towed a drone out on Porcupine Bank to the Porcupine Bank Canyon, which is a huge, cliff walled underwater trench. It's at the point where Ireland's continental shelf ends.  The scientists are building a detailed map of the canyon's interior and boundaries.  That was the purpose of their just completed journey. Discovery Process Along the way, they spotted a process at the edge of the canyon that pulls CO² from the atmosphere and buries it deep in the sea.  All around the canyon's rim live cold-water coral which thrive on dead plankton.  The plankton build their bodies on carbon from CO² in the air.  When