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Cadillac Celestiq To Reinvent Cadillac

  New Elegant, Electric Hatchback                                                  Source:  Cadillac To Be Hand-Built & Customized like a Rolls Royce Cadillac's sleek and elegant, Celestiq hatchback grand tourer concept is all-electric and designed to re-ignite and electrify the Cadillac brand.  Cadillac hopes that the Celestiq will usher back the brand's glory days 50 years ago when it was the leader in luxury cars. To recapture the luxury car title, Celestiq is being designed with dramatic, futuristic lines and features.  It is being billed as Cadillac's flagship and the EV that will lead Cadillac into its electric future.  The EV will be hand-built and totally customizable like a Rolls Royce.  It will also be available only in very limited quantities. Details That Cadillac Has Provided The Celestiq will be built on GM's Ultium electric platform which enables its low, sleek, dramatic and wide proportional design. The EVs will have all-wheel drive, all electric pow