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Lucid's Gravity E-SUV - Big Range & Power

  EV With More Than 1,100 HP                                                  Source:  Lucid Biggest Range on a Charge on the Market California luxury EV maker Lucid has just unveiled its 2024 all-electric Gravity SUV that has, what Lucid is calling, "supercar levels of performance".  This is Lucid's second EV and its first electric SUV.  It will be delivered to customers in 2024 and goes into production in 2023.  Lucid is promising spectacular range and performance from this cutting edge, electrified vehicle.  It is designed to compete directly against other luxury EVs such as Tesla Model X and BMW iX.  Lucid says Gravity promises to be as quick as a supercar and spacious like an SUV.   Tech Specs That We Know Lucid claims Gravity will have "more range than any other EV" on the market. That suggests that Gravity's range will exceed 516 miles on a charge, which is what the Lucid Air Grand Touring sedan is built to deliver. The electric EV is expected to have