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VW & Hydrogen Car With 1242 Mile Range

  VW Files a Patent for Hydrogen Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Vehicle                                                       Source:  VW Very Long-Range Vehicle with Zero Carbon Emissions Volkswagen has a late November big surprise.  It just confirmed that it has filed a patent for a hydrogen car that it is developing with a 1,243-mile range. The patent also covers what appears to be game-changing, hydrogen fuel cell technology.  Automotive experts believe that this could be a major breakthrough for the deployment and potential widespread use of H2 cars.  Such vehicles have the capability of travelling very long distances with no refueling.  Ironically, until recently, VW executives have downplayed the prospects of hydrogen powered vehicles reaching critical mass and being impactful.  Apparently, VW has radically changed its mind and is developing highly impactful, potentially breakthrough green fuel technology. Technological Breakthrough The hydrogen fuel cell that VW is working on appears