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Honda-Sony 1st EV & Playstation

  Playstation Car Debuts at CES 2023 Source:  Honda & Sony Their 1st EV Could Have Playstation 5 Integrated & Onboard Japanese technology giants Honda and Sony formed a partnership in 2022 to develop EVs. It's called Sony Honda Mobility. Their first electric car, the Playstation Car that will go into production, will debut at the world's largest technology show, CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Both companies bring tremendous levels of expertise to the table.  Honda provides the automotive expertise to build a top-quality electric car. Sony provides its technological and infotainment expertise, including music, movies and gaming.  The new EV is expected to include an integrated Playstation 5 right onboard, making it gaming on wheels.  It is expected to be a showstopper at CES. Pre-orders for the Playstation Car start in early 2025. Powerful Technology Partnership The Sony-Honda alliance is a powerhouse technology partnership.  One of the most intriguing technologies that they'