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Lexus' New SUV Flagship

  2022 Lexus LQ                                        Source:  Lexus LF-1 Concept New Design & New Course for Lexus The 2022 Lexus LQ is the luxury brand's new flagship SUV to be unveiled in early 2022.  Lexus has previewed the vehicle with the impressive LF-1 concept.  Lexus says the LQ will set a radically new course for Lexus SUVs and the focus of the vehicle is luxury not on off-roading.  The LQ will sport an all new design with a strong, straight roofline, a wide body and new grill configuration.  It will be taller and wider than its predecessors.   It will have a very dynamic appearance with strong styling lines from the hood to the back of the SUV. An Interior that is User Centric The interior of the vehicle will be ultra-plush and user centric. The LF-1's LED light show in the grill will likely be incorporated into LQ to welcome passengers as they get ready to jump onboard the vehicle.  The cabin will contain Lexus' latest infotainment center along with an opti