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Mercedes' New Electric Bike Wows

  May Be World's #1 E-Bike With Silver Arrow Heritage Source:  Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow Concepts You Can Own & Ride a Mercedes for $4500 What a fun and amazing new product from Mercedes-Benz.  It's the Mercedes electric bike called the n+ MB EQ-Formula E Team Silver Arrows or Silver Arrows, for short.  Mercedes EQ's Formula E Team created the cutting-edge Silver Arrows in collaboration with n+ or nplusbiking, a big name in e-biking.  Made on an aluminum 6061 frame which is very lightweight, the bike combines the n+'s ebiking expertise with Mercedes design team's expertise from Formula E racing and road cars into an awesome new electric bike, that is not that expensive at $4,500.  The Silver Arrows e-bike joins a legacy of MB Silver Arrow vehicles, including a concept racing car and motorbike concept. Tech Specs Here are some specs and features concerning Silver Arrows.  It is equipped with: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes Kendra Ks puncture-resistant tires Gates