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New Solar Plane Flies Like a Falcon

  Falcon Solar Concept Under Development in Hungary                                             Source:  Lasky Design Global Quest For Sustainable, Zero-Emissions Solar Planes There is a global quest to develop solar-powered, zero-emissions, sustainable passenger planes.  One of the most promising and fascinating concepts of this decade is Falcon Solar being developed in Hungary.  The aircraft is shaped like a falcon to capture the bird's agile aerodynamics in flight.  The designer, Laszlo Nemeth of Lasky Design in Budapest, Hungary is inspired by the aerodynamic lessons to be learned from powerful birds of prey, like the falcon, in flight.  That belief in inspiration from Nature provided the genesis of Nemeth's remarkably innovative, solar-powered, electric passenger plane concept.  Nemeth believes that technology is sufficient to allow us to fly on solar power and that solar passenger planes "could be a reality before self-driving cars". New Sustainable Aviation Fal