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Mercedes New Vision EQXX "R&D Lab on Wheels"

  Electric Concept with 620 Mile Range                                      Source:  Mercedes Vision EQXX MB On the Electric Road With Rolling R&D Lab Mercedes unveiled its long-anticipated Vision EQXX electric concept car at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.  The car breaks the mold for unique styling, design and technology.  It can travel 620 miles on a single charge.  Mercedes says that is the equivalent of travelling from New York City to Cincinnati nonstop.  The German luxury car manufacturer says the Vision EQXX is the most efficient car that it has ever built.  It needs a full recharge just twice a month. Design and Style The Vision EQXX is all about luxury, efficiency and zero emissions.  The body is distinctively different from other Mercedes models with a sleek, curvy and futuristic look.  Segments of the car's exterior are 3-D printed. The interior is plush and green with touches of mushroom fiber, bamboo fiber and cactus biomaterial.  Mercedes executives unveiled the vehicle v

Is It a Flying Saucer or a Solar Car?

  UC Berkeley Students' Solar Car Zephyr                                                                      Source:  UC Berkeley Heading into Road Race Competition at the American Solar Challenge Engineering students at UC Berkeley have built a road-ready, registered solar car called Zephyr.  To say the least, the vehicle is eye-catching.  It closely resembles a flying saucer.  But, it is a fully functional solar/electric powered car. Zephyr has been cleared for driving and has a California license plate.  The UC Berkeley student inventors are putting Zephyr into national competition.  It's heading for the 5 day, 1,000 mile road race between Independence, Missouri and Las Vegas, N.M. called the American Solar Challenge, which is a race among solar cars for their solar power endurance. Unique & One-of-a-Kind One of the creators, recent graduate Alexander Zerkle, says that the EV "is a hand-made, unique, one-of-a-kind car".  He says it looks like a flying saucer b