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Very Rugged Electric Off-Road SUV

  Dacia Manifesto Concept                                                  Source:  Dacia Manifesto Electric SUV With Minimal Environmental Footprint Just when you thought you've seen the ultimate in rugged, off-roading vehicles, take a look at this formidable electric off-roader.  It's from the Renault design group Dacia and is called the Manifesto.  It was just unveiled at the Paris Auto Show.  The EV SUV has a robust, eco-smart design and is doorless to keep passengers part of and open to the environment.  Dacia claims the Manifesto has a minimal environmental footprint.  The vehicle looks like a cross between a Moon rover and a cool, fun vehicle to enjoy the great outdoors.  The innovative design team calls it a transition point from smallish, everyday EV's to more rugged, highly capable lifestyle vehicles.   Environmental Plusses The all-electric SUV is designed to be ultra-compact, very open and feather lightweight.  The design team added some very innovative touches

VW's Cool Autonomous Travel Pod

  Fascinating New, Self-Driving, All Electric Car                                                  Source: Volkswagen VW's Gen Travel - A Tech Showcase on Wheels Volkswagen has developed a remarkable, new, Level 5 autonomous, electric travel pod that's futuristic, wild and very cool.  Called the Gen Travel, the self-driving, all electric, pod-like vehicle is an innovative design study which VW has already produced as a prototype.  It can carry 4 passengers and the interior can be customized for the nature of each trip. For example, it can be equipped with a conference table for businesspeople to work on.  Or it can be outfitted as an entertainment center on wheels with augmented reality.  And, for those just off a red-eye flight, it offers dynamic, restful lighting and reconfigurable seats that can help induce a snooze.  The cabin is bubble-like glass designed to promote autonomous relaxation as you're driven along the road.  With its gullwing doors for easy entrance and ex