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Audi Concept For Sporty Off-Roaders

Audi Activesphere                                                       Source:  Audi Audi's Fourth Sphere Audi has innovated a fascinating new concept car, aimed at people who love the outdoors.  Called the Audi Activesphere, the concept car is the fourth model in the sphere family of concept cars that Audi has been introducing since August 2021.  Like the Grandsphere, Skysphere and Urbansphere, the Activesphere has an all-electric powertrain and is capable of autonomous driving.  It will formally debut in late January 2023.  Activesphere, along with the three other sphere concepts, represents Audi's vision of premium driving mobility for tomorrow. The concept showcases Audi's future car design. What We Know About This New Concept Audi says the Activesphere will offer "maximum variability for an active lifestyle, both on and off-road". It is particularly geared to ski and golf enthusiasts and to those who love to travel on challenging mountain roads.  It obviousl

Very Rugged Electric Off-Road SUV

  Dacia Manifesto Concept                                                  Source:  Dacia Manifesto Electric SUV With Minimal Environmental Footprint Just when you thought you've seen the ultimate in rugged, off-roading vehicles, take a look at this formidable electric off-roader.  It's from the Renault design group Dacia and is called the Manifesto.  It was just unveiled at the Paris Auto Show.  The EV SUV has a robust, eco-smart design and is doorless to keep passengers part of and open to the environment.  Dacia claims the Manifesto has a minimal environmental footprint.  The vehicle looks like a cross between a Moon rover and a cool, fun vehicle to enjoy the great outdoors.  The innovative design team calls it a transition point from smallish, everyday EV's to more rugged, highly capable lifestyle vehicles.   Environmental Plusses The all-electric SUV is designed to be ultra-compact, very open and feather lightweight.  The design team added some very innovative touches

VW's Cool Autonomous Travel Pod

  Fascinating New, Self-Driving, All Electric Car                                                  Source: Volkswagen VW's Gen Travel - A Tech Showcase on Wheels Volkswagen has developed a remarkable, new, Level 5 autonomous, electric travel pod that's futuristic, wild and very cool.  Called the Gen Travel, the self-driving, all electric, pod-like vehicle is an innovative design study which VW has already produced as a prototype.  It can carry 4 passengers and the interior can be customized for the nature of each trip. For example, it can be equipped with a conference table for businesspeople to work on.  Or it can be outfitted as an entertainment center on wheels with augmented reality.  And, for those just off a red-eye flight, it offers dynamic, restful lighting and reconfigurable seats that can help induce a snooze.  The cabin is bubble-like glass designed to promote autonomous relaxation as you're driven along the road.  With its gullwing doors for easy entrance and ex