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Audi & Disappearing Steering Wheel

  Audi's New Grandsphere Concept Car                                                       Source:  Audi Technologies That Define Next-G Driving Audi has unveiled a truly extraordinary concept car.  The Audi Grandsphere is the ultimate in new technologies, luxury and style.  It is Audi's vision of the future of driving vehicles with electric, digital and autonomous technologies.  In essence, the Grandsphere and its technologies may define the next generation of driving.  The vehicle sports a disappearing steering wheel that folds into the dashboard and disappearing pedals to allow the EV to be converted into a luxurious lounge while the car drives autonomously.  And that is just the beginning of what Audi's technology platform into the future of driving offers. Grand Auto Experiment Grandsphere is a concept vehicle which serves as a grand experiment for Audi engineers and designers to create the ultimate, epic ride.  The Grandsphere team says if a piece of new, highly advan

New Highly Advanced EV: No Brakes

  New Highly Advanced Technology Replaces Traditional Brakes                                             Source:  DS Automobiles Future of Driving Imagine driving a car with no traditional brakes!  New technology called electric motor regeneration is enabling just that. In Paris, luxury automaker DS Automobiles, owned by Chrysler parent company Stellantis, has designed a highly advanced, electric car without conventional brakes.  Called the E-Tense concept, the electric vehicle is very powerful and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in two seconds.  It showcases the future of cars with no brakes. The car brakes and is stopped by using electric motor regeneration, a new technology that DS is deploying in its Formula E race car, the DS E-Tense Performance.  The system uses two onboard electric motors to slow the vehicle through regenerative braking and charges the EV in the process when stopping. How Does It Work? This technology is fascinating.  The DS E -Tense is built on the Formula E ra

Audi's Urbansphere - Bold Concept Car

  Autonomous Cyber Lounge for Commuting                                                                      Source:  Audi Urbansphere EV, Self-driving, Futuristic and More For most, Audi is at the very top of the list as a global leader in automotive innovation and its latest new concept car served to validate it.  The Audi Urbansphere breaks the automotive mold as an all-electric, autonomous vehicle that offers luxury, lifestyle, cyber-lounging and more to commute-weary travelers.  It has more cabin space than any Audi before.  And it is the third in a series of stunning and visionary Audi Sphere concepts for the future of urban mobility.  Audi Spheres The Urbansphere is a six-seat EV designed to be a mobile office, living space or cyber lounge for big city commuters to start enjoying, utilizing and profiting from their time in traffic jams.  It is basically a very technologically advanced, electric, self-driving, luxurious, big minivan.  The two previous Sphere concepts are the Skys

Porsche's Mystery All-electric Concept

  Concept to Be Unveiled at Munich Auto Show                                  Source:  Porsche Concept Headlight                                     Source:  Porsche 2021 Taycan 4S Experts Expect a Dazzler Porsche is teasing a new, fully electric concept car on Instagram that it will unveil at the upcoming IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich on September 6.  The only glimpse of the new concept that Porsche has given is an image of a headlight.  With this concept, Porsche says that it is looking to the future "with cutting edge technologies combined with breathtaking design", inspired by their 70 year history of auto-making. Motorsports In their social media post, Porsche mentioned motorsports with regard to the new concept.  They said motorsports provides the "toughest grounds for engineering innovations on their way to series production".  Experts are speculating that this could be a new vehicle inspired by motorsports or an experimental racecar with a fully electric power