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Apple Car Design Could Out Do Tesla

  Spectacular AI Generated Design for the Apple Car                                                            Source:  John Mauriello Design Apple Sports Car With Aerodynamic Style and Elegance A brand new, artificial intelligence designed Apple concept car from independent creators is a work of automotive art.  Some automotive experts say this design, with its aerodynamic lines and smooth styling, could give Tesla EVs a run for their money.  The design was created by the AI artist studio Dall-E2 using artificial intelligence, at the request of San Francisco based industrial designer John Mauriello who utilizes new technologies as the basis of his creations.  The results are spectacular and deliver what you might expect an Apple car would look like.  Specific Parameters Mauriello specifically wanted the AI artist to design a minimalistic sports car shaped in the design style of Apple's former design chief Jony Ive, inspired by the MacBook and Magic Mouse and built from aluminum an

Fascinating, New Cadillac Sports Car Design

  New Sketch of an Awesome Cadillac Sports Car                                                       Source:  Cadillac A Major Automotive Tease This sketch of a potential Cadillac sports car is a major automotive tease from the Cadillac Design Team.  The sketch, posted on Instagram, was done by Cadillac lead exterior designer Robin Krieg, who has been with GM for twenty years.  The vehicle looks like a brawny muscle car with sweeping aerodynamic lines.  Some automotive experts say the vehicle has a number of styling features reminiscent of the Cadillac V series, including the Cadillac ATS-V and Cadillac CTS-V, both of which Krieg designed.  Other automotive experts think it closely resembles a Corvette. GT Model The vehicle appears to be a two-seat GT model.  Features include a classy domed glass roof, a long front hood, beefy front and rear wheel arches, race car like air vents, carbon fiber grill, flashy LED lights and slim, aerodynamic side mirrors.  No one outside of Cadillac knows

New Greener Plane That's Unlike Any

  Celera 500L is Shaped Like a Bullet, Torpedo and Egg                                             Source:  Otto Aviation Aircraft Designed to be Aerodynamically Green, Inexpensive & A Breakthrough The new Otto Celera 500L bullet plane is like no other aircraft out there.  It is distinguished by its aerodynamic shape, which is similar to a bullet, torpedo and egg. The design shape dramatically cuts drag on the aircraft and allows air to flow smoothly and freely around it.  As a result, the plane burns far less fuel and is breakthrough in  efficiency. Otto Aviation, a US startup in California, says it is 80% more fuel efficient than competing aircraft in its class and size.  This new vehicle has the potential to be a breakthrough concept in aviation.  It is so important because aircraft are one of the greatest polluters that contribute to climate change globally. Let's Drill Down on the Engineering This plane is a prototype designed by veteran aerospace engineer William Otto, CE

Lexus to Unveil Flagship SUV

  2022 Lexus LQ Will Lead Way for Lexus SUVs                                        Source:  Lexus LF-1 Concept New Design & New Course for Lexus The 2022 Lexus LQ is the luxury brand's new flagship SUV to be unveiled in early 2022. It looks like a beauty! Lexus has previewed the vehicle with the impressive and stunning LF-1 concept.  Lexus says the LQ will set a radically new course for Lexus SUVs and the focus of the vehicle is luxury not on off-roading.  The LQ will sport an all new design with a strong, straight roofline, a wide body and new grill configuration.  It will be taller and wider than its predecessors.   It will have a very dynamic appearance with strong styling lines from the hood to the back of the SUV. An Interior that is User Centric The interior of the vehicle will be ultra-plush and user centric. The LF-1's LED light show in the grill will likely be incorporated into LQ to welcome passengers as they get ready to jump onboard the vehicle.  The cabin will