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Airbus Refines & Develops ZEROe H-Planes

   Zero Emissions, Hydrogen Powered Flying                                                                                 Source:  Airbus Three Concept Planes Airbus plans to develop and deploy the world's first zero emissions, commercial aircraft to carry passengers by 2035.  Its zero emissions, carbon neutral, hydrogen powered aircraft are called ZEROe.  Airbus is now finalizing decisions on which technologies to use for the next-G aircraft and which vehicle to go to market with first.  There are three concept planes under development:  a blended wing body (BWB), a turboprop and a turbofan powered aircraft.  All three planes use hydrogen as their primary power source. Delta Wing Model At the 2022 Singapore Air Show, Airbus is showcasing its twin engine, blended wing model with its integrated vertical tails.  The plane has a longer, wider cabin, lots of windows and access doors at the front of the fuselage. These are new refinements that Airbus has incorporated since the concept