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Daily Innovation Brief

  Dear Viewers: We are launching a new, innovation news service on this blog called "Daily Innovation Brief".  At least one of the daily news stories will be transportation related, including new car, eVTOL and plane concepts.  The first edition of "Daily Innovation Brief" is below.  Thanks for viewing. Maryanne Kane MCLAREN'S NEW FLAGSHIP                                                                                     Source:  McLaren   Currently, the British performance automaker is developing its 750 S new supercar for unveiling this spring 740 hp supercar will replace the 720 S as the brand's flagship Powered by twin turbo 4.0-liter V8 Big rear wing, big air vents and inside a new front dashboard with an instrument panel above the steering wheel, plus a dramatic floating infotainment system Sporty, elegant, aerodynamic styling Priced to start at $340,000 and will debut in April 2023 Expected to be a performance dazzler. DARPA'S NEW CRANE X-PLANE