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Hyundai N Performance New EV's

  Possibly 3 New Hyundai N Electric Vehicles To Be Unveiled                                                                                                                        Source:  Hyundai Mystery Hyundai N Sporty, Hydrogen Powered Concept Car South Korean automotive giant Hyundai is doing a big tease on the future of its N Performance division with a big event and the unveiling of several new electric vehicles next week.  The Ioniq N5, Ioniq N6 and a mystery, likely hydrogen powered concept car are expected to take the spotlight. Hyundai just released several tease images of the vehicles.  The concepts are a showcase for the future range of Hyundai's electric lineup and their technologies. The EVs are also an electrifying departure for Hyundai N which has made a name for itself with turbocharged, 4-cylinder, combustion engine SUVs and hatchbacks. Tech Spec Experts believe that the electric powertrain, that will come in the new Ioniq N5 and Ioniq N6 models, will have a 77.4