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2023 New Dodge Hornet Hybrid

  Called a "Compelling" Small Crossover                                                                                     Source:  Dodge Affordably Priced Hybrid Car The Dodge Hornet is the automaker's first electrified performance vehicle.  It's being called by automotive experts a "compelling" small crossover and it is certainly affordably priced at a starting price of $30,000.  Interestingly, parent company Stellantis is building it in Italy alongside the new Stellantis Alfa Romeo Tonale.  The two vehicles have a number of similarities but are targeted at different customer bases.  The Tonale is for a slightly more well-heeled audience and the Hornet is more of a classic muscle car. Tech Specs Dodge has built options into the Hornet.  It can be bought with a gas powertrain and a turbocharged, inline, 4-cylinder engine or as a hybrid (PHEV) with 285 horsepower.  Both models have standard all-wheel drive.  The Hornet will be offered in 3 trims:  GT, R/T a