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Robots, Burgers & Vending Machines

  Breakthrough New Robotic Technology to Make & Buy a Hot Burger                                                  Source:  RoboBurger Robo Burger Chef in a Box Newark, NJ based robotic startup RoboBurger has invented the world's first robo burger chef in a hot vending machine.  The RoboBurger, robotic "burger maker in a box" is the innovative invention of Carnegie Mellon robotic engineering grad Audley Wilson.  The inventor and now CEO has established a dynamic new, minority owned business with two fellow robotic engineers.  The new technology is very impressive.  Inside the vending machine, the robot baker grills a top quality, frozen Angus burger, toasts a fresh bun, adds whatever cheeses or condiments have been ordered, puts it neatly into a burger box and then dispenses it to the buyer.  RoboBurger is an artificially intelligent, self-operating and patented kitchen.  It is designed to perform all the functions of a restaurant at a fraction of the size.  The burger