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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  D A ILY INNOVATION BRIEF                By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane NEW FLYING CAR WITH NASA-PROVEN THRUSTERS                                                              Source:  Applied eVTOL Concepts A new flying car with NASA-proven ducted thrusters has just been unveiled & it could accelerate the era of personal flying car travel and urban air mobility Here are some key details: Quietly under development for years by CA-based Applied eVTOL Concepts and just unveiled Called Epiphany Transporter Radical new compact design Revolutionary, proprietary ducted thrusters on the side and back for lift and flight eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff & landing) with no wings Hovers like a helicopter and hits speeds like a small plane in flight Range 300 miles Top speed - 160 mph Accommodates 2 passengers Thrusters fold & vehicle can fit into a garage Uses advanced electric motors and batteries This is unique flying car technology that experts find promising Targe