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China Races to Flying Taxi Service

  TCab E20 eVTOL Is Flying Regularly                                                                             Source:  TCab Tech & EHang EHang Is Doing Autonomous Demonstration Flights with Passengers Regularly China is becoming a big leader in the global race to deploy flying taxis.  Flying taxi company EHang, based in Guangzhou, China, has been doing a series of successful autonomous flights with passengers onboard. It uses 4G & 5G, high speed wireless transmission to communicate with its command-and-control center for remote control of the aircraft and real-time transmission of flight data. The EHang eVTOL is expected to win full flight certification any day.  Meanwhile, a second company Shanghai-based TCab Tech is making tremendous progress with its E20 eVTOL air taxi, which is piloted and carries 4 passengers. Their 50% scale prototype has successfully made numerous flights demonstrating the effectiveness of the design to takeoff, hover and transition to winged cruise f

Aston Martin-Rolls Royce Flying Taxi Concept

  Flying Taxi Volante Vision is "Beauty in Motion"                                                                 Source:  Aston Martin Volante Vision A Flying Car That James Bond Would Love In his many movies, super spy, 007 James Bond's car of choice was always an Aston Martin.  Aston Martin's futuristic concept vehicle Volante Vision would take his breath away.  Volante Vision is an autonomous, hybrid electric flying taxi.  The vehicle is an e-VTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) that seats three adults.  A revolutionary piece of personal travel mobility, the EV is fully autonomous and is designed for urban and inner city travel. Volante Vision takes off and lands like a helicopter.  Aston Martin says its purpose is to provide fast, efficient and congestion free travel. The company says the EV redefines "beauty in motion." Latest Technological Innovations With the concept vehicle, Aston Martin is exploring new technologies for use in personal mob