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Hypercar Powered by Plastic Waste Fuel

  Bertone 1100 HP Hypercar                                                  Source:  Bertone GB110 Legendary Italian design house Bertone has developed a powerful hypercar that runs on fuel made from plastic waste.  And it moves with tremendous speed and power. It's called the GB110 and it is the world's first hypercar to be fueled by plastic waste, which makes it an extraordinary car concept.  The vehicle is a statement for clean, green driving and also marks Bertone's 110th anniversary in business.  Only 33 of the state-of-the-art, high-performance vehicles will be produced.   New Clean Fuel The biggest headline about this new car concept is that it runs on clean, green fuel.  Bertone partnered with Nevada-based Select Fuel to develop a way to convert plastic waste (polycarbonate) into a renewable fuel.  And despite the vehicle's very high-performance numbers, the plastic waste fuel is in full compliance with the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations.  The vehicle is eq