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Lightest E-Bike in the World

  Ares Design of Italy's e-Bike Is Under 20 Pounds                                                                              Source:  Ares Design Bici Le Super Leggera One of Italy's top custom car design studios, Ares Design, has unveiled its 1st fully electric bike, which it says is the world's lightest bike at 19.8 pounds.  Most electric bikes are heavy, averaging 40 to 70 pounds. The weight makes them difficult to carry up stairs or throw into the back of an SUV.  Ares' Bici Le Super Leggera, through engineering marvels, is the world's reigning lightweight of electric bikes . Growing Popularity of Electric Bikes During the pandemic, e-bikes have soared in popularity as people try to avoid public transit crowds. Ares new Bici Le Super Leggera takes e-biking to a whole new level.  The e-bike is lightweight because of its very compact drivetrain, that contains only the motor, battery and electronic control unit.  The system is so compact it is barely visible on