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Honda's Hydrogen CR-V That's Hybrid

  Honda's Unique Hydrogen Fuel Cell Version of CR-V                                                  Source:  Honda Something New & Unique on the Car Market Honda has developed an industry-leading, plug-in, hydrogen vehicle that is a unique concept. They've created a hydrogen version of their very popular CR-V compact SUV that also offers the capacity to plug-in to recharge electricity into the battery.  The new CR-V hydrogen-plug-in version will be built in the US, specifically in Ohio, starting in 2024.  And it will greatly resemble the current CR-V crossover. It has the potential of being a game-changer among vehicles pushing the future of greener, zero emissions driving.  The only emissions this CR-V will have is water vapor. And it combines hydrogen fuel cell technology with battery electric technology.  It is a tour de force in green driving. Hydrogen vehicles take the same time to fill-up as a gas-powered car. They have very long range. And H2 vehicles' emissions