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Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material

Self-Repairing Material that Could Be a Gamechanger in Manufacturing Source:  University of Southern California Important, Brand New Material that Self-Repairs Engineers at the University of Southern California have invented a 3D printed material that self-repairs.  Experts believe it could revolutionize manufacturing, particularly tire and electronics manufacturing.  For a great news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material : New Material is 3D Printed Source:  University of Southern  California Could Revolutionize Tire and Electronics Manufacturing It&#39...

Shapeshifting Material Morphs with Heat, Light

From Square to Round and Back UC Boulder Shapeshifting Material University of Colorado Boulder scientists just developed a new shape shifting material that enables a square peg to morph and fit into a round hole.  All before it reverts back to its original shape. Broad Uses The material can change into complex, pre-programmed shapes when exposed to light or heat.  It may have a broad range of uses in robotics, 3D printing, medical devices, artificial muscles and biomaterials. It uses liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs) which is the same tech in modern TV displays. Material Science Breakthrough The new material can go back and forth between 2 separate shapes repeatedly.  It achieves readily programmable 2-way transformations and was just reported by UC Boulder. The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the results were just published in the journal Science Advances.  The researchers in UC Boulder's Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering are going