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New, EV Off-Roader Stag That's Smart

  Volcon's Stag For Electrified, Off-Roading Adventures                                                  Source:  Volcon Electric UTV Can Hit 80 MPH Texas-based e-powersports company Volcon has just unveiled its first all-electric, utility terrain vehicle (UTV), the Stag. The EV can hit speeds up to 80 mph and is capable of 100-plus miles of range on a charge.  It joins Volcon's very well received electric, off-road motorcycles, the Grunt and the Runt, as part of a lineup of ultra-fun off-roaders.  Volcon says the Stag has the latest in EV technology and extreme power, without the noise and emissions of other popular UTVs.  What I find particularly compelling about the vehicle is that it is so smart.  It has unique Human Machine Integration - HMI - along with onboard cameras to tape the adventure and advanced connectivity. Very Smart, Rugged & Athletic Looking The Stag has a very rugged looking, toned and athletic body with great styling and safety features like a caged pas