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BMW & McLaren May Partner on E-Cars

Potential Big New Line of E-Sports Cars, E-Supercars & E- Hypercars                                                                         Source:   McLaren Could Bring Game-Changing Automotive Technologies Luxury carmakers BMW and McLaren want to partner and build a new line of electric supercars.  They successfully did it before back in 1992 and created the widely acclaimed McLaren F1 supercar, which was the world's fastest car with top speeds of 240.1 mph for 15 years.  Now they are working out arrangements to build British-based McLaren's first all-electric supercars.  The prospects of such a top automotive partnership are fascinating with both automakers bringing top quality craftsmanship, technologies, engineering and design. Bringing Together Each Company's Strengths If the deal is finalized, the two would develop electric powertrains and lightweight chassis to create a series of all-electric supercars, sports cars and hypercars for the future.  The strengths th