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Real Flying Car You Can Buy

  Sweden's Dynamic Jetson Aero Source:  Jetson Aero Jetson One - A Flying Car "Anyone Can Fly" Sweden's flying car startup Jetson Aero has developed an all-electric, flying car that, the company says, anyone can fly.  It's called Jetson One.  It's currently in production and is being purchased by consumers.  This vehicle is so popular and practical that the entire 2022 production line of Jetson One's have been sold out at a price of $92,000 each.  The company is accepting orders for 2023 deliveries.  The company calls the drone-like Jetson One "the jet ski of the sky". The EV's highly advanced and automated software make it easy flying. Tech Specs Jetson One weighs 190 pounds and can fly for 20 minutes on a charge. A recharge takes about an hour.  The vehicle is composed of aluminum and carbon fiber and is powered by eight electric engines. Jetson One is an eVTOL or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle that can take flight and land o