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New Images From Deep Space & Time From Webb Telescope

  New Images from the James Webb Space Telescope                                                       Source:  NASA Peering Into the Universe More Than 13 Billion Years Ago The world's most advanced space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, has started providing pictures from the depths of space and time.  The images are simply breathtaking and historic.  They provide humanity the first opportunity to look back more than 13 billion years ago and ponder the origins of the Universe and the origins of all of us.  Webb is designed for infrared astronomy and is a marvel of technology and innovation. Pictures That Travel Way Back in Time Today, NASA released a picture of Stephan's Quintet, a group of 5 galaxies that are 290 million light-years away (Image #2).  The image has 150 million pixels and is composed of 1,000 separate image files.  It shows the galaxy in the center crashing through the group.  The third set of 2 images documents the death of a star in unprecedented d