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World-Class, New Plane Design Innovation

  3-Story Plane that Can Seat 775 Passengers Source:  Oscar Vinals Green, Luxurious, Sustainable Flying AWWA Sky Whale is a brand-new plane concept, loaded with the latest in aviation technologies, that promises to deliver ultra-luxurious and much greener passenger flights that offer sustainable flying and the ultimate in aviation performance.   AWWA is a three-story, hybrid electric, solar powered plane, capable of carrying 775 passengers with some in luxury hotel accommodations.  It is the brilliant and intriguing concept work of Barcelona-based, aviation designer Oscar Vinals that was just unveiled at a prestigious exhibit on the future of transportation in Kuwait.  The new technologies behind this new flying machine are absolutely awesome and provide a fascinating glimpse at the potential future possibilities of flying in upcoming decades. Brand New Aviation Technologies This new passenger plane is going to be a flying platform for cutting-edge new aviation technologies.  The aircr