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Jetoptera - US Startup, Unique New Plane

  High Speed Plane With "Bladeless Fans on Steroids"                                             Source:  Jetoptera New Aviation Tech From USA Edmonds, Washington based aviation startup Jetoptera is developing a unique, bladeless, high speed vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (HSVTOL). The applications will be for civilian passenger travel including flying cars, military and special operations uses. The aircraft relies on a unique aerodynamic system called "bladeless fans on steroids". The "Fluid Dynamics System" of bladeless fans uses a small amount of compressed air to pull in huge quantities of ambient air at high speed.  The system directs the air flow over the flight surfaces in a controlled way to enable lift and flight.  Highly Efficient Fleet According to Jetoptera, the system reduces fuel consumption by 50% and saves 30% in weight, making it highly efficient. Jetoptera plans to build an entire fleet around the design.  Some of the aircraft will