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Big Auto Going Global Electric

BMW & Tesla Expanding Production of Electric Vehicles in China Source:  BMW MINI Cooper Tesla's Cybertruck About to Set a Record BMW is significantly expanding its global electric vehicle operations.  BMW and its Chinese partner Great Wall announced today that they plan to build a $716 million plant in China big enough to manufacture 160,000 electric cars a year.  The plant will produce electric MINI's for BMW and also Great Wall electric vehicles.  Great Wall is China's #1 SUV and pickup truck manufacturer. Meanwhile, US-based Tesla is close to setting a new record with its electric pick-up Cybertruck. Big China Electric Vehicle Market Expansions The BMW-Great Wall plant is due to open in 2022 near Shanghai.  For e-car makers, the opportunity in China is huge.  China has new quotas starting in 2025 requiring that 20% of total vehicle sales are electric and rechargeable hybrids.  Automakers and suppliers are diligently working to meet these tough,