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Hypercar of Hypercars - Praga Bohema

  A "Fitting Tribute to the Internal Combustion Engine"                                                  Source:  Praga Cars World's Most Impressive Hypercar A company many of us never heard of - the 115-year-old Czech engineering and race car manufacturer Praga Cars - is developing a car that automotive experts are calling the world's most impressive hypercar.  The Praga Bohema is automotive innovation on wheels.  Bohema is a street legal, 700 hp race car, inspired by Formula 1. The 2-seater is capable of speeds of 186 mph.  89 Bohema's will be hand built to honor the 89th anniversary of Praga's historic 1933 road race victory.  Customer deliveries will happen in 2023.  Believe it or not, in this age of electrified vehicles, Bohema is powered by a turbocharged and highly tuned, high performance 3.8-liter, 700 hp twin-turbo V6 engine.  The vehicle is being called a fitting tribute and fitting swansong to the internal combustion engine.  Why a Gas-Powered Engin