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1/3 of Global Tree Species in Danger of Extinction

  Shocking New Global Report on the State of Global Trees                                                  Source: Magnolia Trees                                               Source: Dipterocarp Trees                                                  Source: Maple Trees                                      Source: Oak Trees Stock Images  Action & Innovative Solutions Needed A landmark report by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) finds that 1/3 of the world's tree species, or 17,500, are at risk of extinction and hundreds more, 440 tree species, are at the point of extinction with less than 50 trees, in each species, still in existence. The hardest hit species are magnolias, Southeast Asia's dipterocarps, oaks and maples.  BGCI Secretary General Paul Smith says the "State of the World's Trees Report" is a wake-up call for people globally that trees need help through innovative solutions to tackle this growing environmental disaster.  Far Wors