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NASA Goes Back to the Moon

  NASA's 1st Moon Rocket Mission Since Apollo                                                Source:  NASA Artemis 1 Artemis 1 NASA is making a return to the Moon.  The NASA Artemis 1 mission will be launched in February 2022.  It will contain the latest, next-generation of deep space exploration technologies for Artemis 1 to explore on and around the Moon.  NASA will use it huge and powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket to reach the Moon.  The SLS rocket is 332 feet tall!  The Apollo missions officially ended in 1975.  NASA is investing a great deal of technology, strategic goals and NASA agency scientific aspirations into their newest venture to the Moon.  Integrated Testing Underway for Take-off This mission will be conducted without any human crew onboard.  What NASA calls final integrated tests are now taking place.  The tests include interface verification, total end to end communications systems, specific engineering programs and much more.  The technology involved is aw