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Self-Healing Robots & Electronics

Carnegie Mellon University's "Miraculous" Liquid Metal Droplets Enable Self-Healing Electronics This is a tech wonder.  Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have created a substance that spontaneously repairs itself under extreme mechanical damage.  The scientists say it could be used to build self-repairing robots and wearable computing, among other leading-edge tech. Breakthrough New Material The soft-matter composite material is composed of liquid metal droplets suspended in a soft elastomer. When damaged the droplets rupture to form new connections and they reroute electrical signals without any interruptions.  Circuits made of traces of the material remain fully operational even when severed. Exciting Uses Like Wearable Computing The differentiators in this self-healing material are its flexibility and softness just like natural skin.  That primes it for wearable computing and soft humanoid robots that are safe with human. Other applications are bio-in