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New Bike That is Theft-Proof

  Yerka's Theft Proof Bikes                                        Source:  Yerka Bikes Yerka V3's Total Frame is the Lock Yerka Bikes, based in Santiago, Chile, has invented a third generation "theft-proof" bike.  This bike literally locks itself down when you apply your key to its lock.  Bike thefts are a major problem around the world.  In the case of the Yerka V3, the thief has to destroy the bike in order to steal it, making it totally unusable.  The total bike is the locking system. It goes into a lockdown mode to prevent it from being stolen. World of Stolen Bikes In Europe alone, one bike is stolen every four minutes.  Multiply that across the planet.  Thieves are able to saw through u-locks or chain lock techniques to steal the bike and leave the bike owner behind high and dry.  If a thief tries to saw through the Yerka 3, they are left with a bike that is absolutely useless.  Even the tires can't be stolen. How Does This Technology Work? The bike needs t

New Jet Pack Suits & Strategic Uses

  Gravity Industries' Jet Pack Targets Ship Hijackers                Source:  Gravity Industries Jet Suit in Netherlands Test New Aviation Technology on the Cutting Edge of Saving Lives Seizing control back of a hijacked ship on the high seas is one of the most difficult challenges for global special forces in the fight against terrorism.  They either try rappelling down a rope from a hovering helicopter or use ladders on small boats at night to climb onboard.  Many times, these strategies loose the element of surprise.  Now from a former Royal Marine, Richard Browning who is the CEO of the UK's Gravity Industries, there is a third solution to taking control back from hijackers of a ship on the high seas.  Browning's Jet Suits have the potential to revolutionize counter-terrorism on land and sea. They have just been demonstrated to work by the Dutch Maritime Special Operations Forces in a simulation to board and save a commercial ship in the Netherlands.  It was a proof of