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Hot, CarCopter VTOL from France

  Hydrogen Powered Car-Helicopter Combo                                                               Source:  MACA Flight Straight Out of Star Wars & Off to the Races   French startup MACA Flight, an Airbus startup, unveiled a fascinating hydrogen powered combination car and helicopter at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022.  It is designed to be a flying race car.  Experts say that it is reminiscent of the flying podracers in the Star Wars movie series.  This is the world's second flying race car.  Australia's Alauda Aeronautics introduced the world's first - Airspeeder Mk3 - about a year ago and put it through its paces in the world's first electric flying drag race. Carcopter The new French MACA S11 is classified as a carcopter, VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing vehicle).  It is a zero-emissions, racing car concept built for speed, agility and sustainability.  What makes it unique is that it is hydrogen powered.  It is not powered by a conventional battery

Jetpack Aviation's Flying Motorcycle Speeder

  UK's Jetpack Aviation Prototypes & Plans                                                             Source:  Jetpack Aviation's Prototype P1 Tests Successfully                            Source:  Jetpack Aviation JB10 Speeder                     Source:  Jetpack Aviation Speeder with Different Frame                   Source: Jetpack Aviation Speeder with Different Frame Speeder - A New Form of Travel In the UK, a flying motorcycle, named Speeder, that can fly at speeds of 300 mph and carry two people or cargo, has just cleared flight testing and is available for pre-order.  The vehicle has been developed by Jetpack Aviation, which is famous for its jet pack personal flying technologies.  The vehicle is jet turbine powered and will cost in excess of $380,000. Jetpack plans to offer the vehicle with different types of frames and propulsion system for different customers and uses, emphasizing the versatility of this new travel technology. VTOL Speeder is a VTOL - a vertical